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With artificial intelligence, LP LA will be able to filter and analyze data for legal relevance. Depending on the legal field, civil, criminal or administrative law, LP LA has different approaches. The aim, however, is to have an “objective referee” with the LP LA who critically appraises the analyzes and evaluations of the lawyers who work on LEGAL PROS and serves them as a “sparring partner”. As a computer or algorithm, LP LA is objective (if it has been objectively programmed), can process more data faster than the human brain and does not forget in between. He also does not have a filtered perception, but processes all existing data again and again with equal priority while the person immediately categorizes and catalogs data and thus determines himself in a certain direction.

Which data are available to LP LA?

  • Laws and judgments worldwide
  • All data from the internet
  • LEGAL PROS anonymized case data
  • Data provided on a case-by-case basis that are to be analyzed (data room, investigation files, facts)

  • How does LP LA get the data?

    In cooperation with universities, laws and judgments are digitized and made available if they are not yet available on the Internet. Most of the internet is accessible to the public. The mandate and case data at LEGAL PROS are on a cloud. They can be used anonymously. The respective case data that contain the questions are made available to the LP LA as a “question data record”.

    What kind of questions could you ask the LP LA?

    Civil right:
    The facts given by the client:

    “Bicycle lock manufacturer Anton from Ludwigsburg has ordered prefabricated parts in Taiwan for EUR 20,000.00. The samples were good, the first batch as well, but the second batch was more than 50% defective. The order process is recorded digitally, the sample is documented. “

    LP LA has the contract, the delivery documents, photos of the goods, the sample, the customer’s technical specifications, data on the company in Taiwan and the manufacturer in Ludwigsburg, statistical data on manufacturing quality in Taiwan, all possible legal standards and precedent procedures in Germany and Taiwan .

    Based on this, LP LA will determine the fundamental probability of winning a case, how long it will take and what the costs will be. This analysis can at least serve as a “benchmark” for the lawyers who work. Via LEGAL PROS, the house lawyer in Ludwigsburg can cooperate with a colleague in Taiwan, who receives a corresponding budget, which he processes transparently via LEGAL PROS. The analysis of the LP LA can also be used to reach an agreement with the producer. Last but not least, LEGAL PROS will in principle establish a contract management and arbitration platform supervised by lawyers for such cases, which makes it possible to solve such problem cases more efficiently for the benefit of all parties involved.

    Criminal law / compensation law:

    LP LA is presented with investigation files with 10,000 pages, plus all evidence and data from the communication and IT devices of the accused. The question here could be: What is the history of the data? Who appears in the files and how often, who communicated with whom, when and how often? Have the accused ever met in person? Where were the people during the possible period of the crime, etc. This results in movement profiles and possible storylines. LP LA will weight these and describe why he thinks a storyline is more likely. It could also be that he can explain that a different storyline is more likely from the investigators’ point of view, because they favor this in their notes. LP LA could also be presented with the indictment or the facts on which a claim for damages is based. Then the question could be: does this story emerge from the existing data? Is there an alternate story? Which is more likely? LP LA serves here as an objective comparative test for investigators and courts, who thus avoid making wrong judgments, but it also serves as a defense when generating possible strategies. In compensation law, this analysis would be the basis for assessing litigation risk or as an instrument for insurance companies that can clarify who may have acted negligently.

    Will this type of analysis be possible with the help of artificial intelligence?

    It has been predicted since the nineties (Ray Kurzweil) that a “General Artificial Intelligence ”could be developed. With the ongoing increase in computer capacities and the growing With the volume of data and the increased efforts around the world to master the data with smart analytical tools, the likelihood that algorithms can develop stories from a lot of data that emerge from the data increases. For almost three years I worked on a project that involved filtering out documents from 60 terabytes of corporate data that matched a given issue. During this time alone, the software has developed in such a way that in the end it would have been possible to specify shorter facts and the software would have independently picked out the documents that could fit the facts. This did not work on the basis of keywords but on the basis of the narrative content, i.e. the meaning of the story, which was given as a matter of fact. Ultimately, LP LA will be an instrument to transparently analyze all legal issues and to give the LEGAL PROS assistance and their clients clarity. But above all, LP LA prevents wrong decisions because LP LA always shows alternatives and thus keeps the field of vision open.

    You can follow further information in the future via our news.

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