Invest goal

For the publication, marketing and penetration of the platform, a small amount of fees is charged from members in the first year. The use of the platform is planned for the current years with an annual price increase of an estimated 10% p.a. With today’s planning, membership for lawyers and service companies will be 29 euros per month dıe p. a. be billed. From the second year we expect an increase of 10,000 lawyers and 2,500 service companies on the platform.

The calculation for the coming years includes a loss of members of up to 20% p. a. With this forecast, we are starting the third year with a paying membership community of an estimated 25,000 lawyers and 5,000 service companies. Advertising income for banners, popups or mailing campaigns is possible in the first year, only the number of advertisers will be moderate

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With our innovative idea, we combine a long-standing and traditional market with today’s and future-oriented society, which has grown to meet the technical and technological requirements. There is currently no direct competition to other comparable platforms. We are taking the “pole position” here and will always be one step ahead of the imitators with further innovative ideas. Through our initial positioning, we will always be referred to as the original. We support this platform by developing an APP that is listed under iOS and Android. Here, too, we want to set new standards.

Our profit target in the first 5 years is 131,537,000 EURO