Our Plan

Get an overview of our goals, expectations and the associated risks as well as your advantages.

Goal and expectations

The aim is to build a high growth rate of lawyers who work together on your national and international cases. With every growth on the platform, a new increase is expected within the first 5 years. We have set ourselves the medium-term goal. Include 100,000 lawyers and 25,000 service providers worldwide in our system. With this first hurdle over the platform, an annual growth of 25% is more than imaginable for us.

Benefits for service companies

Service providers such as interpreters, notaries, insurance companies, detective agencies and any service companies who want to work with lawyers in any form can also create a profile on Legal-Pros and this profile as well as yours Promote services

Market volume

165,000 lawyers are licensed in Germany alone. In the United States, the number exceeds 1.3 million lawyers. Over 90,000 lawyers work in the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul alone. The number of lawyers and their mandates per year multiplied by the factor x 10 would mean a volume of 1,000,000 cases for us, which are processed via the Legal Pros platform. (With our medium-term goal of 100,000 lawyers in the first 5 years)

Our customers

Our clients are primarily lawyers and service providers who offer legal services. At the same time, Legal Pros is a decentralized platform that only functions as a smart contracting interface for lawyers’ cases.

Customer Relations

The Legal Pros system is a social media platform that lives from its members (primarily lawyers, law students, service companies). The customer relations are therefore only made available in the system with regard to technical support and disputes from contractual partners.

Marketing costs

The main costs are primarily composed of the initial programming and the ongoing costs for promoting the platform in the first year. After this phase, the system should be able to duplicate itself more and more through the members. The aim is to encourage the number of members pushed up to then to advertise the platform themselves and independently after the first 15 months have elapsed.

Use of the available resources

The resources of the development company can be used for initial support, maintenance of the content and editorial content. There is no need for a new physical office or an expansion of employees. By means of a service agreement, which, among other things, the support of the social media channels, these fields are covered.


One of the most important issues of today is the recording and storage of data as well as cyber attacks on online platforms. For this we will be a BAR Metal server with a high range of services and use an SSL certificate with the highest encryption of 2048 bits. The certificate is provided with an insurance against abuse of 1.5 million euros. All data that is stored on our server is mirrored and recorded via the raid system. A loss of data is not to be expected in this case. The data center and server performance is guaranteed up to 99.9999%. The transmission of the data in the system is solved with smart contracting. All processes in the system can be traced with a code and at the same time almost impossible to decipher for outsiders. The processing of payments in the system is done by tokens, which are processed using classic methods such as credit card payments and returned to accounts for payment. The Legal Pros tokens have a currently planned equivalent of 1 euro per token.