Initiator of Legal Pros Konstantin von Reden-Lütcken

Konstantin von Reden-Lütcken, MBA, Lawyer, Initiator of LEGAL PROS.

Konstantin’s idea for LEGAL PROS came about in 2016 while working on a document review project in Berlin. His original goal was to create a platform through which legal projects such as document reviews and due diligence projects can be staffed efficiently. Konstantin is a criminal defense attorney (employee), compliance and entertainment attorney in Berlin with the additional Qualification of an MBA (Steinbeis) in Media management

In addition to his twenty years of legal practice with a focus on entertainment and criminal law, Konstantin has over fifteen years of entrepreneurial experience. In addition, Konstantin is co-director of a newly founded security company in Berlin, whose task it is to teach future security employees the legal language of private security companies and to develop the “digital identity module” for the security industry just like this one programmed for LEGAL PROS. Konstantin paints and does martial arts in his spare time (KravMaga).

For LEGAL PROS, Constantine is for the whole responsible for strategic development and compliance.


Internationally experienced IT team

Our competence is characterized by 20 years of experience in the IT industry with reference to over 750 company references.