Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Pros creates the unique opportunity to connect lawyers from all countries and work on common cases. Legal Pros offers service providers the opportunity to establish direct contact with lawyers locally and internationally. Legal Pros is the portal for lawyers who want to exchange information, maintain contact and deal with national and international cases.
Lawyers worldwide can create a profile on the Legal-Pros Portal platform and publish important information about themselves and the associated law firm. Every lawyer can post information in the form of news on his own profile page and thus receive an organic search engine rating. The lawyers can develop their own groups, advertise cases internationally and advertise cases internationally. Thanks to the structured search function of the Legal Pros, lawyers around the world in the specialist areas you are looking for can be found and contacted directly. Together with a filing function for information on mandates that can be shared with other lawyers via the system, functions such as time management for recording working hours on cases or the chat / future video chat function for exchanging information with one another also play an important role.
Our clients are primarily lawyers and service providers who offer legal services. At the same time, Legal Pros is a decentralized platform that only functions as a smart contracting interface for lawyers’ cases.
First register on Legal Pros with a free profile. u se the opportunity to advertise your profile with dopins or by sharing on social media. Advertise your news articles, cases and your profile with “dopings”. Increase the variety with the premium account.
With the freeplan you can update your profile, education info, work info. you can use the free chat add cases open groups make posts get messages and make comments.
You can use all freeplan futures plus you will have a verified account, add contracts share social ınformation use our payout sistem and be listed on top rated lps