Legal Pros Token

Our token system is based on a credit that can be bought with a credit card and then used in the system for further steps. The token will be replaced in the future by a token created via the crypto market. Here we will use an established ledger technology.

Crypto Currency Entwicklung

Continuous and intensive research is necessary for the development of our own crypto currency (based on an existing ledger technology), our own wallet system or a future ICO. The current state of affairs enables us to obtain a crypto currency license in Estonia. (Same as a bank license) for trading your own currencies in exchange for fiat currencies or other crypto currencies.

In the future, our Legal Pros Token will be listed on a blockchain and directly exchangeable with other crypto currencies.

The Legal Pros Token can be used for the following purposes:

  • Payment instrument for services within the Legal Pros Community
  • Payment instrument for interconnected networks
  • Purchase and renewal of membership fees from Legal Pros
  • Access token for our network

  • Future purpose

  • Interchangeable with other crypto currencies
  • Means of verification of the originality of documents
  • International payment method coupled with an app

  • You can follow further information in the future via our news.

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